discord for community building: is this the best choice?

discord for community building: is this the best choice?
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Discord for Community Building: Is This the Best Choice?

Discord has gained immense popularity as a communication platform for gamers, but its versatility and customizable features have made it a popular choice for community building as well.

In this blog article, we will explore the pros and cons of using Discord for community building and identify the alternatives available.


Discord is a free communication platform that allows users to chat via text, voice, and video.

It was primarily designed for gamers, but its customizable features and user-friendly interface have made it an ideal platform for community building.

Community building is crucial for businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect with like-minded people, share ideas, and foster collaborations.

The purpose of this blog article is to help readers understand whether Discord is the best choice for their community building needs.

Pros of Using Discord for Community Building

Discord offers numerous benefits for community building, including:

  • User-friendly interface: Discord is easy to use, and its interface is intuitive, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.
  • Customizable features: Discord allows users to customize their servers with themes, emojis, and bots, making it a fun and engaging platform.
  • Versatility in voice and text communication: Discord offers both voice and text communication options, making it easy for users to connect with each other.
  • Integration with other apps and platforms: Discord integrates with other apps and platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, making it a convenient platform for content creators.
  • Availability on multiple devices: Discord is available on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and web, making it easy for users to stay connected.

Cons of Using Discord for Community Building

Despite its benefits, Discord has some drawbacks for community building, including:

  • Learning curve for new users: Discord’s numerous features and customization options can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Potential for toxic behavior and harassment: Like any social platform, Discord is not immune to toxic behavior, and it can be challenging for moderators to manage.
  • Limited privacy settings: Discord’s privacy settings are limited, making it difficult to control who can join a server.
  • Possible distractions with gaming features: Discord’s gaming features, such as voice chat and in-game overlays, can be distracting for users who are not interested in gaming.

Alternatives to Discord for Community Building

Discord is not the only platform available for community building. Some of the alternatives include:

  • Slack: Slack is a popular communication platform for businesses and organizations, offering features such as file sharing, video calls, and integrations with other apps.
  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that offers similar features to Slack, including video calls, file sharing, and integrations with other Microsoft apps.
  • Zoom: Zoom is a video conferencing platform that has gained immense popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering features such as screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds.
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups is a social platform that allows users to create and join groups based on common interests and activities.

How to Decide if Discord is the Best Choice for Your Community

To decide if Discord is the best choice for your community, consider the following factors:

  • Identify your community’s needs and goals: What are your community’s objectives, and what features do you need in a communication platform?
  • Consider the pros and cons of Discord: Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using Discord for your community building needs.
  • Evaluate the alternatives and their features: Research the alternatives to Discord and compare their features with Discord.
  • Conduct a trial period and gather feedback: Test the platform with a small group of users and gather feedback to evaluate its effectiveness.


Discord is a versatile platform that offers numerous benefits for community building, but it also has some drawbacks that users need to consider carefully. Choosing the right platform for community building is crucial, and users need to evaluate their needs, goals, and options carefully. We encourage readers to share their experiences and opinions in the comments section.

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